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Shiraz Hotels

Shiraz Hotels are mainly modern, though you will observe the Persian culture and architecture in them. Most hotels of this city are located in the city center and near the major attractions of the city such as Zandiyeh Complex, Nasir-al-Molk Mosque, Qavam House, Eram Garden and Hafez Mausoleum. Besides luxury and modern hotels, several boutique hotels are being built recently inside the old district of the city and if you are interested in staying in these types of hotels, you can choose them. Elysee Hotel is located at the upscale part of the city and close to malls and shopping enters of the city of Shiraz. The majority of the Shiraz hotels in this city have been built recently or have been reconstructed and you can easily have access to the public means of transportation and stations near these accommodations.

Iran is an appeal for travelers in search of an astonishing and memorable holiday who are drawn by Iran. Iran and hospitable Iranian people always welcome you.


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