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Top Things to Do in Shiraz

Located at the center of Persian culture since more than 2000 years, Shiraz has become equivalent to civilization, poetry, nightingales and gardens. The people of Shiraz have been described by Edward Browne as the most subtle, the most ingenious, the most vivacious among the Persians. The clay tablets found in Persepolis prove that some of the workers who worked there were from Shirazish (modern Shiraz) so it clears up that the word Shiraz is an ancient Persian name and the city existed some 2500 years ago. A city of poets, Shiraz is home to the tombstones of world famous Iranian poets such as Hafiz, Saadi and Shourideh Shirazi. It also has got many lively and beautiful gardens and the people of Shiraz are in love with roses, flowers, trees and blossoms. Shiraz is really worth traveling to and visiting its many attractions such as marvelous gardens and mausoleums and intact nature of the villages nearby.


Why Shiraz?
There are a number of reasons to choose the city of Shiraz in your travel to Iran. In Shiraz you can see modern life juxtaposed beside ancient life, you may as well visit historical and ancient places demonstrating Persian civilization and Iranian inlaid wood working handicrafts. You might see the serene gardens and architectural edifices of the past such as the medieval fortifications and the magnificent or exquisitely constructed mosques. In Shiraz you can get acquainted with one of the world’s most humanitarian poet and other world-renowned poets Saadi and Hafiz (loved by the German poet Goethe) and you can open the book of poems of Hafiz to tell you your fortune. In Shiraz you have the opportunity to go hiking and have a green tour in the virgin village of Ghalat in the suburbs of Shiraz. Near Shiraz you can take a tour of the most monumental masterpiece of ancient architecture of the oldest Empires of the whole world and that is the Achaemanian Empire. Bye the way, Shiraz is also named the Garden city of Iran and the first Persian Garden in the whole world had been made near this city in Pasargadae.

The people of Shiraz belong to the friendliest and the most helpful kinds of human beings on the planet. All in all, if you do not undergo the hardship of tripping to Shiraz during your travel to Iran, you would have missed a lot. In Shiraz you might visit some splendid Persian gardens which have ventilation, ornamented pavilion, vegetation and shades. In Shiraz you can taste the local foods such as Kalampolo Shirazi, Shirazi Salad, Faloudeh Shirazi and so many other local dishes and fruits to give you a memorable taste both in your mouth and memory. The best time of year for traveling to Shiraz is spring time when you can smell the fragrant odor of Bahar Naranj (the blossom of orange trees which have very favorable aroma when they are open and people of Shiraz use it in their teas to give them the most delicious flavor).

Qur’an Gate:Darvazeh Quran or Quran Gate is a historic gate in the north of Shiraz, Iran which acts as a real milestone. It is placed in the northeastern entrance to the city of Shiraz, on the way to Marvdasht and Isfahan. The gate has extraordinary brickworks and a holy Quran was kept inside a chamber. It is believed that the travels coming to Shiraz receive the blessing of the Holy Book when pass underneath this monument and enter into Shiraz. Today Shirazis have picnic in the area nearby and relax and take pictures when they go outside their houses to enjoy their day or night.

Nasir ol Molk Mosque, Shiraz (Most Colorful Mosque Best for Photography): The most colorful and wonderful mosque in Iran is Nasir-ol-Molk Mosque or reputed as the Pink Mosque; its porch is festooned with colorful tile working and has the highest number of different colors in its construction using colors caressing the eyes. This gorgeously colorful place of worship is filled with relaxation as you enter it.
Its spirituality enters your heart and you are engrossed with security and favorable heavenly sensations that will have an everlasting effect on you.

Its exquisitely colored tile works along with its marvelously colored windows in their traditional style of decorations and the light blue-tiled floor of the mosque have made this place an attraction filled with real tranquility and serenity where one can feel God’s presence. Please do visit this magnificent place in the mornings when the play of light on its windows’ colors is amazingly magical. You will surly be mesmerized by the beauty of this simple mosque in Iran. Make sure to allocate some time in your plan for visiting Shiraz city. Taking nice photos is recommended as they make your trip one of the most memorable travels in Iran.

This mosque is one of the most frequently visited attractions inside the city of Shiraz and it is among the top list of sites visited daily by tourists in Iran as its architecture is unique employing many colors each having a different purpose. For instance the combination of the colors of blue, yellow, red and green make the main color of sun rays and are used for beauty and not letting in unwanted insects.

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