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Majestic Iran

The United Nations World Tourism Organization has recently registered “Majestic Iran: a Different Experience” as the national brand for the Islamic Republic of Iran. Iran has announced its new national brand ‘Majestic Iran: A Different Experience’ as the official slogan for Iran’s tourism industry. The main challenge with branding Iran...
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Bus Ticket in Iran

As the 17th greatest country in the world and 2nd one in the Middle East; Iran has great roads connecting different parts of the country together. There are high quality and very affordable well-developed transportation system available in Iran. Which are frequent, reliable, safe and very cheap. One of the...
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Shopping in Iran

Iran Shopping When coming to Iran, there is a good chance that you are going to want to get out and about and go shopping. If you do, you will find it comforting to know there are several great places to shop and purchase some of the items you are...
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Why Choose us?

Sasan Hotel Tour Department is an Iranian tour operator and Travel agency. Our expert travel designers organize the best Iran tour packages for travelers from all around the world. Our main goal is the quality of services, expertise, and customer care. We have a large number of Iran itineraries that...
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